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I started off making cakes for family and friends before giving up a proper career in favour of playing with sugar full time. Having worked for two bakeries making their wedding and celebration cakes, I am now looking toward world domination with breaks for coffee and chat.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Slayer cake - March 2016

Slayer birthday cake for 16th birthday.  

All sugar paste decoration.

The cake was ceremonially cut to the music of slayer and a little head banging was performed to mark the occasion.

The cake was actually a red velvet, but I tried out the tip I got from a fellow bakery I use beetroot powder instead of food colouring.  I was reliably informed that " it never fails"... Wrong!

The batter was acidic enough, the oven temp was low, the cake was only just baked and the layers weren't too thick... It just doesn't work.  At some point I'll have a chance to try out the raw puréed beetroot method, but I'm really busy and I'm not trying theories out on customer cakes so it'll have to wait for now.

Meantime the cake tastes great and B has decided not to hold against me that his cake wasn't blood red inside! 

Gold leaf confetti 2 tier wedding cake - February 2016

Who says small cakes have to be modest?

Blue Ombré - March 2016

Simple blue ombre cake.

Happy birthday Luke!

Asymmetric piped buttercream flower cake - March 2016

A sloping rose garden piped from buttercream.  
Happy Easter all!

Yellow rose buttercream cake - March 2016

An orange and elderflower cake to celebrate a double birthday for two beautiful friends.

Ladies, you completely rock!  Happy birthdays both xxx

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Golden blossom cake - March 2016

A blossom cake for my wonderful mum.

Happy Mother's Day to every mum, but especially to mine who is the best ever.

Mum, you're a crazy loon who never stops trying to make the world a better place for everyone around you.  You're my inspiration and teacher as well as my friend. You are so loved by us all. Stay being you, you rock! xxxx

Anne Geddes inspired baby shower cake - March 2016

Dairy free buttercream covered vanilla and chocolate cake with topper inspired by Anne Geddes' flower baby photo series.  

Congratulations to a lovely family x