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I started off making cakes for family and friends before giving up a proper career in favour of playing with sugar full time. Having worked for two bakeries making their wedding and celebration cakes, I am now looking toward world domination with breaks for coffee and chat.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Macmillan coffee morning cake - September 2013

Chocolate fudge sponge with vanilla buttercream.

Bit annoyed with myself as used a very tasty, but slightly unstable sponge and forgot  (it was 1am and had been a long day) to use some dark choc ganache as a crumb coating around the outside to stabilise the cake before I put fondant on it.  As you can see the cake settled a bit overnight as a result.  Doh!

Nevermind, I'll remember next time!

Currently up for auction to raise money for Macmillan Nurses.  Hopefully it'll make a few extra £'s.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sherman Tank - September 2013

So, here're the construction snaps:

Randomly shaped cakey bits on the base board, glued down with buttercream.

Covered with fondant.

Then green royal icing scrub, brown piping gel mud and cookie crumb earth.

Airbrushed to give it all a bit of tonal definition.

Meanwhile, carve the cake into a tank shape (I chose a Sherman and had a look on-line to see what they looked like), crumb coat and cover with fondant.  

You need a fairly firm cake for this, if it's too soft you wont be able to carve it well enough and it won't support itself.

Carve and cover turret separately.  Glue turret onto main tank body with royal icing.

Cover a sturdy straw with fondant stuck down with edible glue.  Allow to harden.

Start to add fondant detail.  

You need something sturdy to take the weight of the cannon barrel.  I used a wooden skewer, then some narrow straws split to fit inside each other and pushed these into the cake quite a long way to allow for leverage.

I slipped the barrel over the narrow straws and used edible to glue to anchor it.

For the tracks, I made a chevron design.

I glued the tracks on and dusted the tracks, wheels and gears with edible metallic dusting powders then airbrushed the whole tank.

The final details...

...then place the tank on the base and have a nice cup of coffee.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Neon / Rave birthday cake - September 2013

12th birthday cake for friend, the girls had an amazing blacklight party with dayglo decorations and costumes & their own personal rave.  Fantastic!

Bottom 8", 4 layer chocolate cake with white and dark marbled ganache. Top 6", 2 layer vanilla sponge with clementine and elderflower buttercream.

Colour airbrushed on bottom tier. Base black fondant with neon coloured royal icing splatters.  Stars are candy melt.  Dancer is Fimo, but everything else is edible.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Autumn Flowers - September 2013

A two tier birthday cake for a friend's mum.  

Bottom 8", 3 layer tier of chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  Top 6", 2 layer tier of vanilla marble cake with vanilla buttercream.  Both tiers have a marzipan layer under the fondant as requested.

Colour airbrushed on, plus airbrushed details on decorations.