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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mr Tumble - July 2014

Mr Tumble (Justin Fletcher) in cake form for The Bean's third birthday.  

My first ever go at sculpting a face,  
So obviously I decide to use the oh so easy medium of sugar.  
Don't think I did too badly, except the chin's not right...

Muscles and basic face form. Scary.

The head measured nearly 5" top to bottom.  
To keep the weight down I formed the sugarpaste over a poly ball, 
but it was still mighty heavy!

Covered in sugar skin. Only slightly less scary.

The nose looks much bigger in these photos than it was to the eye.

Leave that to harden for a couple of days, 
along with his spotty tie.

Next job, bake cake and make a lot of ganache.

Stacked cakes for his torso onto a dowel screwed in the cake board. 

There are some steep hills between here and there.
I really don't want him falling over in the car.

I halved a round cake for his legs, then carved them to size before covering, using the off-cuts to fill in the gap between legs and body.

Let the fondanting begin!

Gave him his eyes and mouth and painted on some detail.

Extruded fondant for hair.

I spent ages making some great fondant hands for him but they were too big 
(bad fractional maths on my part I suspect), 
so had to make some more very quickly out of modelling choc.

Bow tie, freckles and red nose still to come, but he's nearly ready to go to the party. 

Ran out of time to make his spotty bag I'm afraid as work got in the way of social.  

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